Greening Urban Environments

Research and Development Projects


Development and patenting of a three dimensional interconnection system

Funded by Dowty, Harwin, SMART, 3i

Winner of SMART, Internepcon and other Awards

Assigned to Dowty, Harwin McMurdo and Lodgenet Entertainment Inc


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Chiprack Archive

Dual in Line Power Unit

Development and patenting of a Dual in Line power back up unit

Assigned to Racal Microelectronics

Finally assigned to Dallas Semiconductor Inc

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DIL Power Back Up


Automated Display System

Development of an automated information display system (ADS)

Adopted by GEC Reliance for use in hotels

GEC Reliance Hotel Information System

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ADS Archive

Innovation Centre

£372K awarded for Innovation Centre project

All available space let and targets (£300K) met

£110K awarded for DEVICES project

£200K awarded for DEVICES Building on the Best

£180K awarded for CLIP & £43K for expansion

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Innovation Centre



Eastern Region Technology Centre Project

Bedfordshire Branch Established

Small Firm Help Service Established

Technical Action Line Established

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ERTC Archive

Other Projects


Software Training Centre in Poland

Intellicam Project

(Hughes Microelectronics)

LADMAN (Local Area Network)

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GutterGrow Archive

GutterGrow Update

Intelligent Pipes

Capture of heat in horticultural water systems

A research and development project to explore low cost, intelligent capture of solar and ambient heat into horticultural water systems. Further details are available from Mike at Virtual Workgroups.
Heat is captured intelligently from solar radiation, panel substrate temperature differential and ambient air temperature differential.
It features smart intelligent pipes (SIP).
Smart intelliget pipes

Mobile Solar

Mobile solar units for horticultural use

Development and test of experimental solar power units for horticultural applications. Further details are available from Simon at Virtual Workgroups.
Portable solar power so that you can move it to any location and have 12v DC or 240v AC where you need it. Useful for running data loggers, valves, irrigation systems, low power lighting and other horticultural electrical systems off grid. There's a big special battery behind the panels !
Experimental solar unit

Sensors and Actuators

Wireless control of growing systems

Development and test of low (battery) power wireless controlled sensors, actuators and data gathering systems.


Further information available from Mike at Virtual Workgroups