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Stockwood Proposal Document

Proposal  Document

There have been preliminary discussions over a number of years about the possibility of bringing new environmental and horticultural technologies onto the Stockwood site to complement the existing range of exhibits and to make a valuable additional educational resource available to local schools and residents. If successful this could generate a substantial revenue source for Stockwood and would enable completion of some of the postponed projects (e.g. the Stockwood apprentice scheme). It could also be significant as part of a Luton response to address climate change.
In order to evaluate these proposals this document proposes that an initial study could be carried out by LBC/LCST with a minimal amount of resource to establish feasibility and a route forward.


That a small working group of LBC/LCST officers conduct a feasibility study into the establishment of an environmental and horticultural technologies demonstration and exhibition area at Stockwood. Exhibitors and demonstrators would pay a fee to have their technologies exhibited and/or demonstrated at this culturally and commercially attractive site.

Main Objectives of Feasibility Study

  1. To establish the attractiveness of a demonstration and exhibition area and to propose its activities and requirements and potential contribution to local schools and residents.
  2. To establish and to evaluate the benefits (value of outputs) to all participants.
  3. To conduct  an initial (rough) cost/benefit analysis  - then if it all stacks up
  4. To identify sources of  grant and commercial funding for the project
  5. To establish the revenue generating opportunities to maintain and contribute to mainstream Stockwood funding and future projects.
  6. Outline a business plan

Why Stockwood ?

  1. Stockwood already attracts a substantial footfall and is already a focal attraction and educational resource for local businesses, residents and schools. It is ideally positioned to build on this reputation. Additional funding for Stockwood development is required.
  2. Stockwood is ideally positioned for access to this new resource – close to the airport and major road and rail networks. This unique advantage will have considerable attraction to commercial sponsors and investors for demonstration of their new technologies. Match funding will probably be essential for any public sector grant applications.
  3. Environmental and agricultural technology will be within the ethos of the development of Stockwood by extending the existing past and present features to include demonstrations of future environmentally related technologies. It will be an additional valuable educational resource.

Mike Anstey